Take a listen to some examples of Charlie's published music for TV, Radio and Film:

Felt Production Music - Moonlit Lullabies MediaTracks - Pre-School Fun - MT Minnies Universal - Positively Springtime Audio Wallpaper - Kids Around The World 2 Motus Music - Time For a Story Squirky Music - Go Nuts Universal - Lullabies Bleach Music - Kids Animals Motus Music - Kids Comedy Capers Riddles And Rhymes on Zest Silly Billies on Twisted Jukebox Strophic - Gardens and Landscapes Audio Wallpaper - Kids Around the World Strophic - Learn and Play 2 No Sheet Music - Playground Adventures Sauce Music - Pure Piano 2 FPM - Halloween Cute - Story Telling Strophic Music - Light Tension Score - Kool Kids Strophic - Rise and Shine NSM - Kids Playtime FPM - Acoustic Guitar Plus Sauce Music - Adventures in Young Love Clearwave Music - EPIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC TRAILERS Bibliotheque - Just A Minute: Kids TV Bleach - Playtime! Lemoncake - Pre-School Playdays Strophic Music - Learn and Play FPM - Sporting Achievement No Sheet Music - Kids Christmas Album Brilliant Music - Kids Zone FPM - Quirky Comedy FPM - Make & Bake 2 No Sheet Music - Kids TV Music Hubble - Piano Cues Music Hubble - Playing the Fool